Our extensive experience in the healthcare market is a focal point for our company.

In the last forty years, we have worked on all the healthcare campuses for all the major healthcare companies. Whether the project is small or a multi-million dollar project, we have always completed all projects on time, within budget, with as little inconvenience to the operation of the facility as possible.

St. Mary Livonia

$5,000,000 Campus Roadway Upgrade / Parking Lot New & Upgrades / Site Utilities New & Upgrades


  • Removal and replacement of
    existing parking lots, creating new
    parking areas
  • Updated campus road system,mitigating wetlands, installing new utilities and upgrading others
  • Soil erosion prevention and tree clearing
  • Existing storm sewer removal, box culvert extension, storm sewer installation, and water main re-work
  • Site lighting and traffic controls, pavement base installation, guard rails, bridge railings
  • Site
    105,000 ty
  • Water
    1,000 lf
  • Sanitary
    1,000 lf
  • Storm
    25,000 lf

Beaumont Health System

In excess of $30,000,000 A Multitude of Projects for All of the Campuses


These projects have included:

  • Major campus renovations
  • Major campus additions
  • Minor campus repairs

McLaren Macomb Northwest Addition

$2,995,749 Earthwork, Excavation, and Utility Installation


Site Development, Inc. completed work for the state-of-the-art, six floor tower facility that houses the Wayne and Joan Webber Emergency and Trauma Center, ICU, and Surgical Operating Rooms.

This project also included:

  • Mass and fine grading
  • Basement excavation
  • Installation of lineal foot beam
  • Installation of lagging system earth retention system
  • Installation of new sanitary sewer
  • Demolition of asphalt, concrete, existing utilities, and heliport lighting
  • Working as an ERS subcontactor
  • Mass Excavation 36,386 ty
  • Mass Grade Site 195,982 sf
  • Storm Sewer 739 lf

St. Joseph Mercy - Ann Arbor

$1,026,307 Cancer Center Expansion and Renovation


This project included:

  • Site demolition
  • Soil erosion control measures
  • Multiple phases of utilities and grading at entrance
  • Utility work: water main, sanitary, storm
  • Fencing logistics for pedestrians and traffic
  • Existing utility demolition
  • Mass Grading 72,110 sf
  • Sanitary Sewer 455 lf
  • Water Main 587 lf

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

$5,526,310 Campus Regeneration


This project included:

  • Removal and replacement of several parking lots
  • City street upgrades
  • Bridge foundations
  • Concrete work of pedestrian bridge over MDOT road, Woodward Avenue
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Excavation and grading
  • Tree clearing
  • Sanitary and storm piping
  • Site lighting
  • Traffic controls

C. S. Mott Children's and Women's Hospital

$7,266,316 Complete Site Package for a New Hospital


This project included:

  • Demolition of existing parking lot
  • Installation of 20′ communication/electric duct bank
  • Mass excavation for basement
  • Installation of water main
  • Installation of sanitary and storm systems
  • 30′ deep sanitary and storm bore underneath a utility tunnel
  • Installation of three different precast underground retention systems
  • Dirt Out 122,029 cy
  • Duct Bank 1935 lf
  • Water Main 1246 lf
  • Sand Import 18,368 ty