We have extensive experience working for all of the major automotive companies and suppliers throughout the United States.

Like any industry, each automotive industry project has its challenges. However, since we self-perform all earthwork and underground operations in house, we continually exceed expectations and project requirements.

Chrysler Chelsea Proving Grounds

$10,500,000 Test Track Construction


Construction of 4 different test tracks: 2.1-mile straight away to test fuel economy, 1.2-mile serpentine track to test handling, All-Wheel-Drive track with 4 different grade hills, and VDF Pad monitor roll over and stability.

  • 40 acres of asphalt removal and replacement
  • Technical tolerance, ¼ inch on a 10-feet grid
  • Construction of 20, 25, 30, and 40% grade hills
  • Asphalt
    40 acres
  • Technical
    ¼ inch
  • Hill

Ford Motors R & E Center

$950,000 Concrete Inverts


Project consisted of:

  • the removal of existing pond
  • installation of geothermal wells
  • backfilling of pond to create a parking lot




  • Site
    75,000 tons
  • Backfill 75,000 tons
  • Geowell 94 at 250'

Chrysler Belvidere Assembly Plant

$8,515,506 Custom Designed Vehicle Events Tracks, Including a 900,000 sq. ft. Body Shop Facility


This project included:

  • Demolition of existing test track and parking lot
  • Construction of new test track
  • Installation of new utilities
  • Demolition of existing utilities
  • Concrete and asphalt demolition
  • Masonry work to install granite
  • Test Track Construction 900,000 sq. ft.
  • Imported Stone 60,000 tons

R&E Center West Pond - Ford Motor Company

$8,796,726 Removal and Fill of Existing Pond and Installation of Utilities


This project included:

  • Removal and backfilling of existing pond
  • Excavation and grading
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Concrete and asphalt pavement removal
  • Storm sewer removal
  • Landscape restoration

Ford Military Road

$3,382,186 Site Electrical, Concrete and Asphalt Pavement and Landscaping


This project included:

  • Removal and replacement of existing storm sewer
  • Site demolition
  • Aggregate base material
  • Site electrical
  • Concrete and asphalt pavement
  • Landscaping