We excel at commercial projects, both large and small scale.

We complete all commercial projects professionally and efficiently. Our team excels at adapting to each project’s unique requirements. Self-performance, along with having long lasting relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, enables us to complete these projects on time and within budget.

Cabela's Chesterfield

$2,094,923 Grading for Parking Lot and Building Pad


This project included:

  • Installation of sanitary piping
  • Installation of drain tile
  • Installation of storm sewer and water mains



  • Mass Grading 477,056 sq ft
  • Cut and Place 18,330 cy
  • 6" Drain Tile 3,195 ft
  • Storm Sewer 3,843 lf

Unicorp 888 Fidelity Building

$1,384,003 Installation of Multiple Mixed-Use Out lots in Existing Parking Lot


This project included:

  • Mass grading
  • Installation of storm sewer
  • Installation of water mains



  • Mass Grading 311,208 sq ft
  • Storm Sewer 1,002 lf
  • Sanitary Sewer 1,270 lf
  • Water Main 630 lf

Sanctuary Cove

$24,367,000 Development of 305 Acre Site for Residential and Commercial Use


This project included:

  • Mass excavation and grading
  • Installation of concrete block retaining walls
  • Installation of underground utilities
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Site Grading 7,511,022 sf
  • Concrete Seawall 11,400 lf
  • On-Site Sand Processing 40,000 tons

Tri-County Commerce Center

$12,694,000 Site Excavation, Grading and Utilities for New Distribution Center on the Old Hazel Park Raceway Site


Work consists of

  • Excavation for new buildings
  • Parking lots
  • Roadways
  • Sanitary sewer installation
  • Storm sewer installation
  • Water main installation

This work order included working under the site’s due care plan.

  • Site cut/fill 128,000 ty
  • Aggregate placement 192,000 ty
  • Storm sewer 14,500 lf

Greenfield Village Infrastructure Restoration

$1,355,345 Sanitary Sewer Replacement in the Winter


Work was performed during the winter months in order to have the work completed in time for the 100 year anniversary of the Ford Motor Company. The work included replacing almost all of the sanitary sewer.

This project included:

  • Installation of 3 miles fo sanitary sewer
  • Working in winter conditions

Wolverine Cold Storage

$2,247,117 144,000 sq. ft. Cold Storage Facility for Wolverine Packing Company


This project included:

  • Excavation
  • Removal of existing utilities
  • Establishment of a building pad,
  • Installation of storm sewer and water main
  • Installation of sanitary sewer and grease trap injector
  • Hauling of contaminated soil
  • Building Pad 144,000 sq ft
  • Storm Sewer 4,000 lf
  • Haul Off Contaminated Soil 40,000 tons